• Race Details

    (**Updated) August 6th, 2021 @ Sunrise

    Come join us for the 7th edition of The Chicago Swimrun (The CSR). The CSR is a once in a lifetime experience along the idyllic coastline of Chicago, IL USA. It is here where you will an event like no other. You will encounter beaches, rock outcroppings, cliffs, shipwrecks, hot dog stands, the Mag Mile, single track trails, meadows filled with flowers, urban streets, and many of Chicago's historic landmarks along the course.

    - **Edited for 2021 This year will be about 20 miles of running + 2'sh miles of swimming

    - Standard CSR Course is 18'sh miles of running, 3'sh miles of swimming. Final course will be given to you the day before the race.

    - Water temp - 57-74 degrees

    - Air Temp - 55-85 degrees

    - Lake Michigan is one of the world's largest freshwater lakes. It can be fickle and water/wind conditions can and will change during race time. Be prepared and be comfortable in the open water.

    - Mandatory equipment - Map, first aid kit, whistle, and a brain that is functional.

    - Mandatory course meeting - day prior to race day

    - Estimated finish time - 4-6 hrs.

  • History of Swimrun


    Since the the swimrun original ”ÖTILLÖ” was launched back in 2006, the sport has seen a constant growth. Happy amateurs, nature freaks, adrenaline junkies, swimmers, runners and triathletes have understood pleasure of combining running and swimming in breathtaking environments using purely their own body and mind. Swimrun racing has literally exploded in popularity in Scandinavia and the sport is now getting recognized globally. We are pleased to offer the first ever Urban based Swimrun in the USA. For free. Thanks Rockman for the intro.

    Swimrun basics

    Swimrun racing is about getting from A to B in teams of two along a pre-marked course consisting of a number of runs and a number of swims. Teams are normally equipped with wetsuit, a pair of shoes, some compulsory safety gear and other equipment the teams wish to bring, such as paddles, buoys and fins. For more information, have a look at this swimrun and equipment guide.

  • Chicago Swimrun

    10 swims, 10 runs, 1 city


    In 2015, we came back from Norway frozen, defeated and truly inspired. It was our first attempt at the now infamous Rockman Swimrun. Like endorphin crack addicts, we looked around the USA for a similar experience that summer only to look out the window and realize that we had our own playground. So one morning in the summer of 2015, we took what little knowledge we gained from our Norwegian experience and applied the same principles to the coast line of Chicago.


    On a typical gray Chicago morning, we drove down to the south side of the city to leave one of our cars at the 63rd parking lot. From there, we drove back up to the northern city limit of Chicago. Once we geared up, we knew we were in new territory. For the way we looked at Lake Michigan was altered forever. It wasn't just a body of water, it was an entire new playground with a bounty of unique challenges. We encountered beaches, piers, cliffs, boulders, grasslands, world class museums, hot dog stands, a cornucopia of cultures, tons of strange looks and a new perspective on what's possible in an urban arena. For many years, we left the city for adventure. Now all we had to do was jump in the water with running shoes on.


    In 2016, we invited a few folks to join in the experience and as they say, the rest is history.

    This is not an official race. It's a gathering of like minded individuals who want to a enjoy a day absorbed in challenge and exploration. All the while pushing your body in ways you didn't know possible. There will be no fans, very little support, no finishing medals, and a back to basics approach. You will be be responsible for yourself and your partners safety.